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Our Services.

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Veenak International prides itself on delivering a high quality service for its partners. Our dynamic team have great depth of experience in pharmaceuticals and are aptly skilled to deal with the ever changing landscape of the market in order to respond to such variations quickly.

Our services include:

  • Supply of Generics from UK and Europe.
  • Import into the UK Market from EU Countries.
  • Wholesale supply of UK branded ethicals, generics, surgicals, nutriceuticals and OTC products within the UK.
  • Wholesale supply of pharmaceutical and healthcare products to African and Middle Eastern markets.

All pharmaceutical products sourced by Veenak International are procured from registered pharmaceutical wholesale dealers. We follow Good Distribution Practice as per MHRA guidelines and as such this makes it much easier for our customers to deal with us. Our WDL license enables us to deal in medicines that require cold chain storage and distribution. We have the facilities to ensure that such medicines will always be kept between 2 – 8°C.